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Sheep Foot Roller

Slope Board

Brush Rake

Berm Buster




Blade Extension

Blade Extension

Front Mount Flail Mower

The Sutter 500 Trail Dozer

Trail Dozer Attachments

Download the Sutter 500 Attachments brochure (PDF)

Berm Buster

Backhoe with optional "thumb"
7' depth, 11' reach, 12" - 24" buckets
9' depth, 14' reach, 12" - 36" buckets

Heavy Duty Tilt Trailer with Tool Box
96" OD x 18' Bed
16,000 or 18,000 lb. capacity - pull tongue or gooseneck
other sizes available
tool box and other accessories optional

Hydraulic Auger
850 ft/lbs torque
6" - 24" diameter x 50" depth

Hydraulic Chipper
3" capacity, power feed, swivel discharge
Mounts on three point hitch

Heavy Duty Brush Rake
5 rib, 5' high
Top hinge

Dozer Slope Board
Hydraulic, 4' cutting edge, 0-85 degrees
mounts on either side of blade

Flail Mower
Heavy duty, hydraulic, 40" long, mounted on blade
mows up to 1-1/2" brush

Roller I
Pull compactor, 4' wide, 30" diameter, 700 lb. empty, smooth or sheeps foot

Roller II
Compactor, mounted on ripper bar, 2 section, 4' by 9" diameter
Smooth or sheeps foot

Hydraulic Winch
Mounted on ripper bar, 9000 lb. pull, 125' x 3/8" cable
Continuous duty

All attachements are designed to fit all of our Trail Dozer models - Sweco 450, Sweco 480, and the newer Sutter 500.